Sunday, 26 July 2009

And then there were three....


The larger container we now occupy boasts similar features to those we enjoyed previously.

Weekend away

My sister and I returned to the house with the red sofa. On this occasion we decided to tailor it to our liking.

Our host was gracious.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Giving eachother some space

Weary of repairing electrical cables and protective of newly acquired soft furnishings; Helena banished us from the living room and we were compensated with long tubes in which to exercise our legs along with the occasional runaround on the landing. However, we were never far from wires just begging to be severed and Helena decided to put an end to our runarounds all together and to keep us contained in a huge wire cage.

Only then did it dawn on her; we hadn't been craving for space in which to run around, but for a space in her life.

So now we have our very own room, with our very own rocking chair, and Helena can now enter our space, rather than we hers and she doesn't need to worry about our dental ventures on her living quarters.

We like this arrangement.