Wednesday, 15 April 2009

On returning home to find her security alarm going off, I suspect Helena knew that we had escaped. Again.

I ran to greet her, but she didn't make much of a fuss over me and placed me in the high security mobile home immediately after picking me up.

She entered the living room to look for my sister. What she found was a severed telephone cable. Oops!

A short time later my sister was 'captured' while scaling the outside of our 'Rathause', trying to get in again.

I suspect we may not have our evening run around.

Helena is very, very quick at rejoining wires. I feel a game coming on....


Helena used the phone till late last night. My sister and I were in our high security, mobile home, where we spent the night.

This morning Helena replaced the phone on its cradle. She then installed additional security systems to our 'Rathause', before returning my sister and I to it.

It was then that Helena noticed that the phone was dead. The cable had been severed. But how?????

Monday, 13 April 2009


Helena was seriously slow in working out how my sister and I had escaped from our 'Rathaus'.

The first time she found us A.W.O.L., she returned us without noticing our newly made exit.

It wasn't until she found us on the loose, a second time, that she noted the window.

I wonder whether she now realises what the noise, that has woken her the past two mornings, was due to.

We are presently residing in our high-security travel home.
The sofa has again become occupied by someone who isn't Helena. However, I do know this person. It's Paul.

We enjoyed being with each other and sat together for some time.


The house has become noisy.

The person sitting on Helena's sofa is not Helena. Neither of them are.

Friday, 10 April 2009


I love cutting wires. This keeps Helena busy too as she likes to join them together again.

There are some wires which, when I cut them, Helena stops speaking. Its an interesting affect.


I, on the other hand, have little time for Helena, or my sister for that matter. I'm too busy; checking out desk tops and drawers, sitting behind curtains, busying myself in the tube here. Well, it needs shredding and a proper bed needs to be made. Beds need to be made everywhere from whatever is available; the curtains, boxes, cushions. I've torn open a bag of wood chip and created a very comfortable bed at the back of the 'Rathaus'. I also like to dig the soil in the plant pot and spread it everywhere - give the place an earthiness. There's very little time for socialising and 'hanging out', but I do make a point of keeping a check on Helena and on my sister and I visit them every so often.

Thursday, 9 April 2009


I love to be with Helena. When she sits down on the floor I climb all over her. She holds me up high and talks to me. She puts me on the floor and I follow her around. She places me in the 'Rathause' and I run out to her. We sit on the sofa together; I eat or wash and she types. Sometimes I chew her clothes, her cushions, her laptop. In the morning she places me on her bed and I reach out to her. She picks me up and puts me down. Up and down. I get cuddled. I run across her shoulders, I try to run around her neck, but she always pulls me away.

Monday, 6 April 2009


Well we've settled back into being back home again, though it has taken us a few days to acclimatise ourselves to the change of smells, space and sounds.

Our stay at Claudia and Paul's was most agreeable, we were allowed to run around all over the place and Paul made for a very engaging subject to interact with.
It's very quiet here by comparison.

I'm sitting on the sofa at the moment, next to Helena. I'm just having a quick wash.

My sister is in the desk drawer again. There's a lot of rattling going on, can't imagine what she's up to. She's twice 'abducted' our wooden replicas from the desk top, but Helena's retrieved them each time. I wonder whether my sister's brooding. Think I'll just curl up and take a nap. It's lovely and snug here.

Ah, it appears some cables have been severed and a box has been shredded. Helena doesn't appear too put out.