Saturday, 31 January 2009

Our New Home!

This is more like it; four rooms, a loft space, bay windows, a porch. Not to mention the wooden staircase and marbled vinyl flooring. We like it.

And we're next to the bookcase, so when we're in need of some extra bedding, we've got a healthy supply of paper we can shred - once we've negotiated the mesh on the windows that is. I don't expect cutting through the ties, which are holding them on, will pose much of a problem.

Off to dine in the dining room. See you later.

Romula and Rema

Dolls House. Rat House?

This afternoon we watched Helena scrubbing away at a dolls house, situated out on the landing. The air is now filled with a pungent citrus smell. Mmmm.

Hmm, we wonder what that is about.

Romula and Rema

A Cousin Drops In

Yesterday we accompanied Helena out into the back lane to collect, what I suspect should have been, an emptied bin. It appears that no sooner had it been emptied, someone had come along and placed their rubbish in it.

I have since learnt that this act is called ‘fly-tipping’, which seems an odd term as, after pulling out the offending rubbish sacks, accompanied by noises of agitation, Helena went on to emanate a mild distress call, and tipped the bin on its side to allow, can you believe it, a distant cousin of ours to scamper out.

Would ‘rat-tipping’ not be more a more appropriate a term?

The poor soul was terrified and scurried off into a neighbouring backyard, so we didn’t have an opportunity to discuss our family links. Who knows, he may return.

Many phone calls followed this event – so it must have be an important one.

Romula and Rema

Unfinished Business

On Tuesday morning we listened to Fergal Keane talking to Chinese businessman, Jimmy Lai, on Radio 4. Helena switched the radio off before she left the house, which was unfortunate, as the programme had not yet ended.

We could really do with having our own radio.

Romula and Rema
(Don't ask which of us is which.)

Monday, 26 January 2009

High Energy

We'rE BOUNCING All OVER the place this evening - this ENeRY is AMAzIng - what TO DO with it? Eh?

This sofa is too small an area for us to exercise on, but neither of us feels quite ready yet to leave it. Anyway, Helena's sitting on the Sofa and we like running up and down her. If she were sitting on the floor maybe we would join her, but she's not - so we'll stay here. Hmm.

My teeth - I want to chew something. What to chew? What to chew? What to chew? What to chew?

I could open up that blanket hole a bit more. Or the cushion. The throw maybe? The Mac keyboards?

Helena's just found a split bit of plastic on it, but that wasn't me. I did try, but not hard enough to do that. No, sorry, can't take the credit on this occasion.

Sunday, 25 January 2009


This morning Helena invited us to run around on her bed. While she lay reading, we had great fun negotiating the undulating duvets.

This evening we're on the sofa climbing all over the Helena and nibbling at her t-shirt and trousers. We're also forcing our way behind the cushions and through the folded blanket. Backwards and forward, up and down. This is the life.

Romula and Rema

Saturday, 24 January 2009

There were never such devoted sisters,
Never had to have a chaperone, No sir,
I'm here to keep my eye on her

Caring, sharing

Every little thing that we are wearing
When a certain young buck arrived from Rome
She wore the pearls, and I stayed home

Well I'll be .....
Archangel Gabriel (Deceased)
In memory of the other two boys

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

We like....

our new house, the sofa, the cushions, the throw, the rice, the clementine and the black seedless grapes and we love playing with Helena and pulling at the knot at the end of the cord on her sweat pants. We also like chasing each other round and round and jumping on and off the box in our house.

Sweetcorn! Just found it - we like it.