Monday, 29 March 2010

It might look like a map to you;

to my eyes, it's bedding.

Land of paper and cables

On occasion, we've been able to access the table top from the chair, though I've sensed it's not Helena's intention we should go onto it; we're always swiftly removed when found located on its surface. It's a treasure trove of papers and cables and along one side, two pictures are propped against the wall, creating a darkened tunnel, where we like to hide.

Sunday, 21 March 2010


Life's been pretty samey of late.

After our nights in confinement, we're taken down to our day room, given our breakfast and have a brief run around before bedding down for the day.

Helena has also moved into our room, so when she is there, I nap on her lap. When she's not there, and now that the days are warmer and I don't need to snuggle up with the others, I'll sleep on her chair. It's a new one; soft and furry.I sometimes take bits of it back to our nest; the yellow, spongy part.